North Yorkshire Bible Rallies

Northallerton Evangelical Church

Meetings held at


Evangelical Church

Thursdays 7:45 pm

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Session 2018-2019

David Magowan (Nov 8th 2018) 1 Tim 3:1-5, 10-17

                       “Defending The Faith in Britain today”

Dave Harding (Oct 11th 2018) 1 Cor 1:17 - 2:5

Session 2017-2018

Andrew Swanson (June 14th 2018)

David Leach (May 10th 2018)

Stephen Rees (April 12th 2018)

David Larmour (Mar 8th 2018)

John Harris (Feb 8th 2018)

Tony Hutter (Jan 11th 2018)

Dennis Hill (Dec 7th 2017)

Robert Strivens (Nov 9th 2017)

Bill Bygroves (Oct 12th 2017)

Session 2016-2017

Peter Williams (June 8th 2017)

Jeremy Walker (May 11th 2017)

Kenny Stewart (April 6th2017)

Iain Clements (Mar 9th 2017)

Daniel Grimwade (Feb 9th 2017)

Wes Johnson (Jan 12th 2017)

Phil Baiden (Dec 8th 2016)

Joe Cresswell (Nov 10th 2016)

Bill Schweitzer (Oct 13th 2016)

Session 2015-2016

Tim Mills (May 12th 2016)

James Day (April 14th 2016)

Mostyn Roberts (Mar 10th 2016)

kevin Bidwell (Feb 11th 2016)

John Mollitt (Jan 14th 2016)

Peter Robinson (Dec 10th 2015)

Mark Fisher (Nov 12th 2015)

Session 2014-2015

Iain D Campbell (June 11th 2015)

David Levell (May 14th 2015)

Ben Hutton (April 16th 2015)

Malcolm Peters (Mar 12th 2015)

Gareth Crossley (Feb 12th 2015)

John Harris (Jan 8th 2015)

Bill Dyer (Dec 4th 2014)

Ed Collier (Nov 13th 2014)

Tony Simpson (Oct 9th 2014)

Session 2013-2014

Graham Heaps (June 12th 2014)

Nick Needham (May 8th 2014)

Richard Brooks (April 10th 2014)

John Thackway (Mar 13th 2014)y

Paul Gamston (Feb 13th 2014

Richard Wigham (Jan 9th 2014)

Noel Ramsey (Dec 5th 2013)

Malcolm Peters (Nov 14th 2013)

Andy McIntosh (“The Gospel in the 21st Century” - Oct 10th 2013)

Session 2012-2013

Wyn Hughes (June 13th 2013)

Rupert Bentley-Taylor (May 9th 2013)

Sandy Roger (April 11th 2013)

Gareth James (Mar 14th 2013)

Nick Fuller (Feb 14th 2013)

Glyn Williams (Jan 10th 2013)

Luke Jenner (Dec 6th 2012)

Chris Hand  (Nov 8th 2012)

Richard Turner (Oct 11th 2012)

Session 2011-2012

David Carmichael (June 14th 2012)

Peter Stead (May 10th 2012)

Jeff Wright (April 19th 2012)  

Maurice Roberts (March 8th 2012)

David Harding (Feb 9th 2012)

Jonathan Bayes (Nov 10th 2011)

Geoff Thomas (“Revival - Our Desperate Need” - Oct 13th 2011)

Session 2010-2011

Hugh Collier (May 12th 2011)

Garry Rowcroft (April 14th 2011)

Gary McKee (March 10th 2011)

John Rubens (February 10th 2011)

Dan Peters (January 13th 2011)

Mark Ladds (December 9th 2010)

Gwynne Evans (November 18th 2010)

David Larmour (October 14th 2010)